About Me

I welcome you to join me on Stage, ‘Sreeni on Stage’.

I am Sreenivasan and friends call me Sreeni. I am based in New Delhi, India.

I see life as a journey for exploring, experimenting, experiencing, introspecting, learning, expressing and contributing. It is all about discovering oneself. It is a journey within, a journey to awaken the self, the unexplored, realizing that immense potential and capability, to contribute to the good, for self and society. As I progress on the journey within and without, with my family and fellow travelers, I seek space to introspect and express my thoughts, ideas, views and aspirations that so emerge and I am making use of this space, to reach humbly to the world outside. Every comment or thought you leave here will be of immense value in my journey.


Love and wishes,


—————— On my Passion : Performing Arts ————————–

I have been involved in the education space since 1995. My urge to excel, and push people to excel takes me to places far and wide within India. I travel about 200 days every year, covering the length and breadth of India – Kanyakumari to Kashmir / Ladakh, Kutch to Kohima. Yes, at times more than once.

Since childhood, painting and music has been part of life. We get to hear it at home and also from temples and other places of worship through out the day. I did get introduced to classical music when I was about ten years old. Learnt for a couple of years, and as I entered the serious face of education, I had to let it go. These things do not go that easily; Art forms are fodder for the soul. As I progressed through my university and higher education, it all came back. Seriously got involved in the movement, SPIC MACAY – promoting Indian classical music, dance and culture among youth. This still continues to be an integral part of my life.

After my double masters in computer science and working at TCS, and then when I did my MBA from IIM Bangalore, I thought of seriously exploring my creative side. So I chose SONY corp to work with, and I was deputed at SONY Television. During this period apart from working closely on television programming, I got great friends whose family is into Music. One such family I became part of, was that of Rajeev Chaurasia, son of Guruji Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. There on I went on to give direction to Sur Sandhya, a classical music show on Star Plus, produced by Gurumayi Anuradha Chaurasia. One led to another and I dived deep into Music, Dance, Theatre and other art forms.

While starting Career Launcher, got involved with theatre guru Barry John and since then have been involved with his movement in theatre as adviser on Imago theatre.

As I take my life journey, and travel around the country the ARENAs and STAGEs performing arts and fine arts keep attracting me. I do not leave any opportunity to experience these avenues. While my days are dedicated for the education movement, most of the evenings, it is for creative spaces. This has brought me close to almost every inspiring guru and talent, and helped me appreciate, learn and explore life in greater richness. My passion for photography has helped me and the performing arts world capture those precious moments for eternity.

My other passions include architecture and design, food and fashion, and sports, and I make it a point to understand the finer elements of all these in the native space wherever we travel.

I update my flickr account (My flickr collections) very regularly as a means of documenting and accessing wherever I travel. Here in, I am trying to present the spectacular world through a few photo captures from the flickr stream and write the stories around them.

I also create the visual poetry of places, people and perspectives on my Photo-Story blog – SREENIViews; and capture Exciting Places and Interesting Perspectives at my travel blog – SREENIonROAD

I am loving life and the journey. Hope to continue contributing and making the life around me richer. I hope you too will enjoy browsing.

To know more about me, on my regular work and avocations, kindly visit my website – www.sreeni.org

Thanks for being here. Enjoy.

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———————————— A little bit more about my exploration of performing arts———————–

I love performing on stage – Music, Dance and Theatre!

I go to performances almost every evening, wherever I am. I capture every performance on my cameras.

I put on music and dance with my two young daughters at home.

Every morning, the walk in the park with my one year-old daughter Svwara is all about Music and Dance.

Every year, I go to SPIC MACAY national convention, while helping the movement every way through the year.

I am now taking off to dive deeper into this world of performing and fine arts. I see these endeavors alive and kicking, till I kick the bucket.

Apart from my cameras – both still and video – my laptop and hard disks accompany me all over, to stuff whatever I capture.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. No description fits you…Incredible Sreeni…

  2. Subhajit Sengupta said:

    Hi Sreeni,

    it’s a delight for me to know you , and sad that being in the same city, we never met. And what a great start to know you better.. by viewing the photographs of Pandit Ravi Shankar taken by you.

    I have been to SPIC MACAY programs and few meetings at Barakhamba Road. So, hope to meet you some day in Delhi, may be seeing you capturing divine moods of some living legend. 🙂


    • Dear Subhajit,

      My humble pranams! Glad to get connected here. I am usually around for all the significant activites of SPICMACAY and a few strategic initiatives that can make a big difference. Will soon catch up. Love and regards. Sreeni

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